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Nex Generics

FGD (Future Generics Database) is a global life science database. It covers Active Ingredients from Discovery to market: pharma, veterinary, biocides, agrochemicals-pesticides, nutraceuticals and food & cosmetic additives. It is linked to BeckerPatent, Clinical trials, and intermediate volumes and to SPC databases.

Future Generics Database Description (pdf)

Lapatinib Monograph (FGD)
Please compare with BIC3000 samples.

BIC (Becker Intermediates Catalogue) is the chemistry only part of the life science data. It describes in details the chemistry of production processes – from commodities to active Ingredient via intermediates, technologies, name reactions, working conditions.

Becker Intermediate Catalogue database Description (pdf)

Lapatinib Monograph (BIC)
Please compare with FGD samples.