Global Intermediates and Active Ingredients Database Providing Comprehensive Life Science Chemistry


  • Profiles over 24,200 active ingredients (AI), pharmaceuticals, diagnostic aids, food additives, cosmetics and pesticides from preclinical to launch
  • Covers brand name and generic drugs from pre-clinical through launched stages
  • Includes reaction pathways from commodities to end product
  • Identifies key intermediates among 60,700 chemicals for future manufacturing intelligence
  • Lists over 5,000 companies and 20,000 brand names in 80 countries
  • Includes patent information which describes synthesis of life science molecules
  • Technologies and reactions, reagents, catalysts and chemical classes linked with active ingredients
  • Provides necessary chemistry to identify non-infringing routes


  • Search selected text and structures ina single file
  • Open exports with a web browser, MS Word®, OpenOfficeWriter or any other text processor, Acrobat® or send by e-mail
  • Export selected data to Excel®, OpenOfficeCalc or any other spreadsheet program
  • Retrieve chemical structures in a ChemDraw® file
  • Store proprietary data in 5 searchable and recoverable individual fields
  • Receive 8 hours of free consulting service


“The BIC is an efficient working tool that we use very quickly to identify existing commercial products and check the technology synthesis at a first glance. For me it is important that a database is very fast -which the BIC is. With its searching tools (query language), I can sort out almost everything I want. It is important for anybody in the fine chemical industry to have a quick access to all major pharma and agro products and to have a database which is updated frequently. There are many very useful features which anybody can use to minimize time in future searches.”

Director New Products,, Alzchem, Dr. Georg Hellwig

“The Becker Database is an integral part of our business intelligence efforts. It is a reliable resource for production routes data that enables us to better understand production processes for sourcing materials: upstream: what are the key intermediates used, and downstream: where can these intermediates/raw material otherwise be found.”

Global Procurement Manager,, Syngenta , Dr. Arno Wehrsig


  • Business Development Directors & Managers
  • Purchasing & Procurement Managers
  • Import & Export Managers
  • Marketing Directors & Managers
  • Pharmaceutical Managers
  • Veterinary Research & Development Directors
  • Quality Assurance Directors
  • Logistics Managers
  • Producers of Intermediates
  • Agrochemical Managers
  • Agrochemical Research & Development Directors


  • Reduced rates for additional licenses
  • Custom analysis of chemical data and patents –up to 8 hours of consulting
  • Training and technical support on database operation


  • Internet access – multiple users accounts, updated daily