FGD© (Future Generics Database)© presents:


The Generic Drugs Selection Tool

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What: Patent and market research database for generic drug selection

When: 77 NCEs due for generic launch between years 2016 to 2025

Where: Covers 37 countries including US, EU and Japan

Why: Best-in-class value, up-to-date, comprehensive and affordable

Who: Business decision makers in the pharmaceutical industry

NexGenerix© highlights:


Patent Expiry Extension (34 countries):

Patent Term Extension/US

Special Protection Certificate/signatories countries

Patent extension/other national markets

Patent Expiry (34 countries)

NCE patent priority and filing dates

Expiry Dates

Ownership, Developer/Licensee


Direct access to patent claims, synopsis, citations and full text


First market authorization date (34 countries)

Market term extension (34 countries)

Orphan drug exclusivity (ODE) (34 countries)

Pediatric drugs exclusivity (PDE) (34 countries)

Other Information:

Paragraph IV patent challenge (US)

Dosage forms (US, Japan, UK and France)

Drug substance COS/DMF (34 countries)


Global sales by product

Information Filters:

by fields, key words, text and numerical values e.g.

E.g. country, date, indication, active ingredient, dosage form